Enfis was founded in 2001 as a spin-out from Swansea University, which has a long history of innovation in the handling of power devices and the thermal management of semi-conductor devices.

In 2010, PhotonStar LED Ltd. completed a reverse takeover of Enfis resulting in the creation of PhotonStar LED Group plc, with Enfis becoming a brand of PhotonStar Technology Ltd the groups LED light engines business.

Enfis developed technology to enable high brightness and power LED array products to be realized and brought to market. High density multichannel arrays of up to 400W have been developed in visible, IR and UV wavelengths. The Enfis brand develops LED based light source modules and systems using the latest advances in LED chips, thermal management and optical design.

PhotonStar is now a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intelligent High Power Light Emitting Diode (LED) arrays and Smart light engines. The Enfis product lines combine the numerous advantages of LED’s as a light source state of the art thermal management Technology for use in a number of what some suppliers see as “challenging applications”. Our Innovative LED power-packaging technologies are integrated into systems to deliver light where it’s needed in a reliable and controllable manner. Within the Enfis brand, PhotonStar has developed the electrical, optical and thermal design to maximize the optical power in narrow beam applications.

PhotonStar Technology Ltd. has developed the Enfis brand of light engines and systems for entertainment lighting, sensing and curing, medical applications, dental applications, industrial and aerospace lighting.

PhotonStar Technology Ltd. is committed to all aspects of Quality Management and achieved ISO9001:2000 accreditation during 2004 and ISO13485:2003.

For other companies within the PhotonStar Group please visit: www.photonstarled.com

Enfis, a leader in the design, development and manufacture of intelligent high power light emitting diode (LED) arrays and smart light engines, today announces a strategic partnership with North Star Lighting, alighting equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, USA.

The agreement will see both companies jointly introduce the latest version of the highly popular Enfis Sentinel LED lighting control technology at the forthcoming Lightfair International 2009 Trade Show & Conference in New York.

As white LEDs make their way into the general illumination market, colour consistency becomes critical for acceptance. Most LEDs on the market today show significant colour variations from one white LED to another. The Enfis Sentinel technology provides consistency in colour for the duration of the product, and thereby eliminates the need for costly binning and the potential for colour shifting over the lifetime of the LED lighting system.

Enfis Lighting designs, manufactures and markets intelligent, high-power, ‘tunable’ LED lighting with a focus on providing cutting-edge solutions that can be easily integrated into luminaires, fixtures and custom projects. The company’s expertise covers semiconductor technology, packaging, thermal management, optics, electronic design, software and volume manufacturing.

Enfis ‘smart’ LED array technology offers luminarie and fixture manufacturers unsurpassed optical white light output. Their ultra-bright, multi-watt, multi-wavelength ‘smart’ LEDs are designed so that each wavelength can be individually controlled and monitored. Each Enfis ‘smart’ LED array has active color temperature and heat-sensing components that control, calibrate and regulate the light output of each wavelength on the array for the lifetime of the component.